Digging Deeper


Ramsar Convention Bureau Wetland Values and Functions.

Department of Land and Water Conservation NSW - Facts About Wetlands.

Environment Australia National Wetlands Update, Wetlands Australia.


World Environment Organisation 100 Top Wetland Sites.

Wetland Care Research, higher education and wetland science covering links, journals and organisations.


Department of Land and Water Conservation NSW: Provides information on Wetland Management in NSW and also Major issues for estuaries in New South Wales.

Natural Resources and Management Ramsar Wetlands, migratory waterbirds and general wetland information.

NSW Fisheries Information regarding Wetlands and Floodplain importance and management.

NSW Fisheries The importance and management of freshwater rivers and streams in our environment.

Ramsar Convention Wetland Research: Restoring the Balance, functions, risks, water levels, decomposition, salinity, threats, plants, research and development.

Major issues for estuaries in New South Wales.


Environment Australia National Wetlands Program Information.

Sydney Coastal Councils For information regarding the protection of Sydney's wetlands, especially their Model Development Control Plan or for information regarding Water Sensitive Urban Design Concepts, Building Programs for Sydney please contact Sydney Coastal Councils.


Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust Systematics of Family Casurinaceae (She Oaks) Worldwide.

NSW Fisheries The importance of Seagrasses to the ecology of coastal waterways.

Water Quality

Olympic Co-ordination Authority Pollution Pathways.

Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation (LWRRDC) The National Eutrophication Management Program (NEMP) - Scientific Information.


Healthy Rivers Commission Independent Inquiry Into Coastal Lakes Draft Paper August 2001 (Manly Lagoon reference page 31, 40, 41 & 27 of the report).


20,000 tonnes of oils wash into Australian coastal water each year from our roads (CSIRO).




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