Teachers and kids at Manly Lagoon

Kids, Companies and Creeks

There are many local heroes in the Manly Lagoon Catchment which are the heroes of our environment and have been campaigning and working for many years to reduce the impacts of pollution. When local school children began water quality monitoring as part of Streamwatch, they proved beyond doubt the extent of the pollution in the catchment area. Millions of dollars in Government funding was then allocated to repair catchment infrastructure.

The work of Streamwatch students and teachers grew into the award winning Kids Companies and Creeks Project, which brought together environmentalists, industry and the local community to clean up the catchment.

Kids, Companies & Creeks (KCC) is a project which brings together three important elements in the community:

  • Kids - enthusiastic young people who care about their environment.
  • Companies - business and industry in a local community.
  • Creeks - the environmental focus and reason for action.

Download the KCC Manual as a PDF file. WARNING: This file is 567 kb. If you are using a fast modem, this will take approximately 2 minutes to receive. You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

20,000 tonnes of oils wash into Australian coastal water each year from our roads (CSIRO).




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