"You may - if you have any soul within you, you always must - halt a while in the centre of the bridge, and look long and lovingly up the lagoon. It is a fair perspective always, but most divine on an afternoon with the sun well down the hills, and a silvery light upon all the broadwater." - Francis Meyer, 1880, "Beautiful Manly"





Manly Lagoon is a small coastal lagoon situated at the boundary of Manly and Warringah in Sydney's Northern Beaches area. Manly Lagoon catchment consists 3 major freshwater creeks; Burnt Bridge Creek, Manly Creek, and Brookvale Creek.



Manly Lagoon
Manly Lagoon in the Afternoon



The water body of the lagoon has the following dimensions:
Catchment area: 17.9 km2
Perimeter: 4.77 km
Length: 2.23 km
Maximum width: 0.13 km
Water area: 0.19 km2

Manly Lagoon was once an unspoilt coastal wetland and only 30 years ago was a swimmable waterway abundant with aquatic flora and fauna and was the site of annual game fishing events. Manly Lagoon has always been a highly used recreational area for the local community and is regarded as a historically significant area. Historical photographs are available at the Manly LagoonWatch from the Manly Hydraulics Laboratory.

Feeding native animals brings them closer to the urban environment increasing chances of attack by domestic animals.




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